Meet Julia Elena

Born and raised in Germany and Honduras, mantrasinger Julia Elena likes to combine the best of both worlds.
She loves the combination of modern sounds and ancient mantras, building up a high energy vortex, where dreams become possible.

Julia Elena, a unique and talented singer who is not only a musician but also a singing lightworker. Julia Elena is half Honduran and half German and is based in Hamburg, Germany. She has released five mantra albums since 2012 and three meditation albums that have captivated her audience with her soothing and melodious voice.

Mantra means in Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages of mankind,
manas = the mind and tram = protection, protect or instrument, so mind protection or an instrument of the mind. By repeating a mantra in the mind or whispered, spoken or sung, one keeps the mind “single-tracked” and focused.

In this way, the positive effect and the energy, which is hidden in these sounds, short word sequences or names of God, can unfold and have a positive influence on body, mind and soul.

What sets Julia Elena apart from other singers is her ability to make you feel and become aware of the energy that moves in your body and around you through the chanting of ancient Sanskrit mantras. Her music is not just a form of entertainment but a way to connect with oneself on a spiritual level.

Despite not being much on social media, Julia Elena’s YouTube channel has hit the mark of 25,000 followers, which is a testament to the power of her music and the connection she has with her audience. Her music has the ability to transport you to another world, where you can forget your worries and find peace within yourself.

Her unique blend of cultures, combined with her spiritual approach to music, makes her a one-of-a-kind artist who is worth discovering. If you are looking for music that soothes the soul and connects you to a higher state of consciousness, then Julia Elena’s music is a must-listen.

Julia Elena on Youtube

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