Julia Elena has released five mantra albums since 2012 and three meditation albums that have captivated her audience with her soothing and melodious voice.

Julia elena


Mantra and Mediation Albums
Julia Elena - Mantra Chants

Mantra Chants - Volume 1

Mantra Chants Vol 2

Mantra Chants - Volume 2

Mantras of Joy - Julia Elena

Mantras of Joy
Julia Elena & Yvonne Lamberty

Julia Elena - Mantras Of Light

Mantras of Light

Mantras for Mamas - Julia Elena

Mantras for Mamas

Breathwork & Meditationen

Breathwork & Meditationen
für Teens

Gracias a la Vida - Julia Elena

Gracias a la Vida

Find peace with Julia Elena

Julia Elena

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